How to Publicize Your Blog Using ‘Feeds’

September 11, 2009

CHICAGO, Sept. 11 /PRNewswire/ – Leyla Arsan, Partner at Lotus Marketing Services

Blogging seems to be something that many are engaging in at this point in time, but how does one develop a readership base? There are various processes and practices, one of those being a feed subscription. Having a feed subscription available is one way for readers to access your content without having to navigate to your blog.

Arsan started her blog, Sunday Morning Soliloquy, in 2007 when various clients expressed an interested in blogging. Sunday Morning Soliloquy became a platform for learning about various techniques and nuances of blogging. How to get started, how to develop content, what works well and finally how to publicize your blog.

Feeds are a great way to distribute content without your readers having to navigate the actual webpage. Individuals subscribe to “feeds” and maintain them in one (or more) places, i.e., Google Reader. Readers can organize all the blogs or news feeds they follow in one concise place. This particular post will examine various readers: Feedburner, XML, RSS.

This entry will make sense of various feeds and explain how to sign up and utilize the various feeds for blog writers and blog moderators. A beginners guide to RSS feeds. The entry breaks down the nuances of feeds for beginners and some details for those who have nearly mastered the feed world.

Leyla Arsan is a Partner at Lotus Marketing Services and has been blogging since 2004. She currently writes a personal blog, www.sundaymorningsoliloquy.com, a lifestyle blog where she details life as a marketer. She also writes a travel blog www.artuntravel.com/blog and she is a contributor to www.thechiguide.com, an online guide to Dining and Entertainment in Chicago.

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