Aardvark Makes Social Search Mobile With the Launch of the Aardvark Mobile App on the App Store

September 16, 2009

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 16 /PRNewswire/ — Aardvark (http://vark.com) today publicly announced its Aardvark Mobile App is available in the App Store. Aardvark Mobile allows users to ask and answer questions from their iPhone or iPod touch. Aardvark figures out what each question is about and sends it to a few people in the user’s social network–friends, friends-of-friends, classmates and coworkers–who are online and may be able to answer (based on topics in their profiles). When someone responds, Aardvark sends the answer back to the user via Push Notifications on their iPhone and iPod touch.

“The Aardvark Mobile App automatically connects iPhone and iPod touch users with the right friend to answer any questions they have in minutes–wherever they are,” explained Damon Horowitz, CTO of Aardvark. “Our users think of Aardvark as a contact–the friend who always knows the right person to ask. Our goal is to have Aardvark available everywhere, through all of your existing communication channels.”

The Aardvark Mobile App determines a user’s social network via Facebook Connect or email import. Users can browse open questions in Aardvark Mobile and receive notifications when someone in their network has a question that they may be able to answer. The Aardvark Mobile App is an extension of the existing Aardvark service, which allows users to ask and answer questions via instant message, email, Twitter and the web.

“When you’re out and about, you often just want a quick answer from a friend like an opinion about local bars and restaurants, or a travel tip, or a shopping suggestion,” explained Ben Keighran, founder of Bluepulse and Aardvark’s advisor for mobile products. “Most questions get answered in less than five minutes.”

Aardvark Mobile is now available for free from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or at www.itunes.com/appstore/.

About Aardvark

Founded in late 2007, Aardvark is the leader in the emerging social search space. Aardvark discovers the perfect person to answer any question in minutes. The Aardvark team is obsessed with creating a high-quality user experience: a simple chat interface, high-quality questions and answers, and an advanced algorithm that discovers the perfect person for any question. Aardvark emerged from private beta in June 2009, and was recently listed as one of TIME’s 50 Best Websites of 2009.

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