Flutterstep.com to Sponsor Bubba’s Belly Run for Fallen Soldiers

September 17, 2009

WASHINGTON, Sept. 17 /PRNewswire/ — Flutterstep.com announced today that it will be a sponsor of The First Annual Bubba’s Belly Run which will take place in Potomac, Maryland on Sunday, September 27. Bubba’s Belly Run has been established to honor the memory of Brian “Bubba” Bunting, an American Hero, who died earlier this year while serving in Afghanistan. “Flutterstep.com is honored to be a part of such a wonderful event,” CEO James Fehrmann said, “and we hope this is the first of many wonderful Bubba’s Belly Run races.”

All proceeds generated from Bubba’s Belly Run will be used to support Bubba’s children’s education, The Fisher House, American Widow Project, and Flat Daddies.

If you would like more information about Bubba’s Belly Run, please visit http://www.bubbasbellyrun.com. If you would like more information about flutterstep.com, please contact Donna Mulvihill at press@flutterstep.com or visit http://www.flutterstep.com.

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