Classic Start Menu With Aero Theme for Windows 7

September 22, 2009

KIEV, Ukraine, September 22 /PRNewswire/ — For the first time since it
appeared in Windows 95, Microsoft have removed the option of the
classic-style start menu for their release of Windows 7. However, it is a
fact that many users find it difficult to adapt to a new operating system (a
recent online poll showed than 50% more Windows users were still using XP
than had upgraded to Vista*). Because of this, OrdinarySoft wanted to help
make this transition as smooth as possible – the result was Classic Start
Menu, an incredibly user-friendly, customizable hub to navigate programs and
files in Windows 7.

7 September 2009: Developers OrdinarySoft, renowned for their nifty
Windows utilities, have just released Classic Start Menu. The main principle
behind the program is that it allows users to navigate their applications,
drives, etc. from the classic-format Windows start menu, whilst incorporating
the best new navigation features of Windows 7, notably the Search Programs by
Name tool. Furthermore, the Aero Theme makes the utility look very attractive
and allows it to be fully integrated into the Windows 7 environment.

“We wanted to give the utility a name people would remember, hence we
took the liberty of choosing a name that was already very familiar: Classic
Start Menu. When you start using the program, we hope you will feel we were
justified. We believe it is the only worthy substitution for the old-style
classic start menu in Windows 7.” – Denis Nazarenko, program developer

Classic Start Menu boasts many additional features. On the programs menu,
users can select a ‘principal program’ for each program group – the principal
program icon appears as the program group icon, and can be opened by
single-clicking on the program group, speeding up application access – one
disadvantage of the navigation in Windows 7 is the excessive clicking and
scrolling required of the user. Any system file, disk, program or command can
be added to the menu in Classic Start Menu. Power buttons have built-in
timers to schedule system restart, shutdown, etc.

A trial version of the utility is available for free download at:

SOURCE OrdinarySoft

Source: newswire

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