Tony Blair’s Prediction of 10 Million New Green Jobs Would Include Wall Street

September 22, 2009

NEW YORK, Sept. 22 /PRNewswire/ — Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair wants world leaders meeting this week at the UN to know that by reducing global warming they could be creating 10 million new green jobs – potentially some of them will be on Wall Street.

On 13 October, leading energy and commodity traders and brokers along with financial software experts will meet in New York to discuss the impact and implementation of carbon trading in the US. At the panel debate titled, “Is Carbon the Next Big Thing for US Business?” experts will air financial sector job and business opportunity creation – should the US adopt a cap-and-trade system to reduce carbon emissions.

“With a market solution to global warming, America’s financial sector will certainly be creating new green jobs and opportunities for commodity brokers, software developers and information technology people needed to understand and manage the process of trading carbon emission credits,” says Jubin Pejman, vice president, Americas for Trayport, Inc. in New York, whose company is organizing the upcoming debate.

He adds, “Simply put, there is money to be made and jobs to be created in trading carbon credits. We want participants at our October meeting to come away knowing how to trade this asset at their institutions.” British-headquartered Trayport, provides the overwhelming number of systems used to trade carbon credits in the European Union (EU) and sees US economic and job growth opportunity in trading carbon emissions here.

Tony Blair sees green in going green

Speaking at the UN today, President Barack Obama urged nations to combat climate change when they meet in Copenhagen in December, to avoid the fallout from a warming planet.

There is also economic fallout to doing nothing about global warming. In a report released just before the UN General Council meeting this week — where World leaders will discuss climate change policy – Blair stated that the 10 million new jobs would stem from initiatives to cut greenhouse gases. He released the report in New York showing that a global climate agreement could increase the world’s GDP by 0.8 percent by 2020, as compared to doing nothing.

Pejman adds, “In addition to financial community jobs, scientists, engineers and technicians will be needed to certify carbon emissions by US manufacturers, power companies and others in order to establish values and determine to what extent emissions are being reduced.”

Panelists at the October 13 Trayport debate will include: Veronique Bugnion, Managing Director Trading Analytics & Research, Point Carbon; Steven Schleimer, Director, Barclays Capital; Prof. Praveen Kumar, Faculty Fellow, CT Bauer College University of Houston; Christopher Hunter, Vice President, Carbon Finance (US), Climate Change Capital; Kiernon Allen, Marketing Director, Bluenext; Michael Cosgrove, Managing Director/Head of Commodities & Energy Brokerage, North America, GFI Group; Elliott Piggott, Managing Director, Trayport, Inc.

Pre-registration is required to attend the debate; telephone 781-235-9911.

About Trayport Limited (Debate Sponsor)

Trayport is a supplier of multi-asset class electronic trading and order matching software for brokers, exchanges and traders. Trayport’s GlobalVision software is used by the world’s largest trading companies in high profile markets that include derivative and cash instruments. This solution is also Europe’s most widely used carbon trading platform with 85% of the world’s carbon assets being traded on its software. Founded in 1993, Trayport has offices in London, New York and Hong Kong. Trayport is a subsidiary of GFI Group Inc. (‘GFIG’ on Nasdaq). More information is available at www.trayport.com

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