Green Latch Enables Great Power-Saving for Contact-less Magnetic Scrolling Applications

September 24, 2009

IEPER, Belgium, September 24 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Melexis announces
today the release of the MLX92213. This newly designed low voltage
Hall-Effect Latch sensor integrates advanced power management providing
micropower-efficient solutions for battery or handheld applications. With its
ingenious magnetic design, the MLX92213 offers a breakthrough contact-less
and reliable solid-state solution for incremental rotary encoders. The device
enhances the efficiency and power consumption of all scrolling or
trackball-type applications found in computer peripherals, mobile phones or
other handheld consumer electronics.

The MLX92213 features an ultra-sensitive Hall-effect Latch operating from
1.6V to 3.6V. The output is a “Push-Pull” type so that an external pull-up
resistor is not needed for proper operation, hence reducing PCB component

The device is primarily targeting battery-operated applications. The
MLX92213 employs an awake/sleep strategy to reduce its power consumption
versus a standard Hall-Effect latch sensor.

This Micropower Hall-effect Latch is ideally suited for use in speed and
direction detection applications based on multipole magnets.

Low Voltage Hall-Effect Latch

Produced in a CMOS process, the MLX92213 uses sub-micron technology
optimized for low voltage operation suitable for application within 1.6V to
3.6V Vdd range. Combining Hall element and offset cancellation system, the
MLX92213 provides ultra-sensitive, accurate and stable magnetic switching
points, independently of temperature and mechanical stress. The output signal
is provided directly through a push-pull output with a standard +/-1mA
capability eliminating the need for an external pull-up resistor.

The device provides contact-less and solid-state switching based on a
magnetic solution, therefore offering bounce-free switching, robust operation
in dirty and dusty conditions and is not subject to mechanical wear-out.
Under power, the device will detect the presence of a magnetic field and
switches its output accordingly. When the Hall sensor senses a South magnetic
pole of a sufficient strength, the output is latched in a low state. It
remains in this state until the Hall sensor senses a North magnetic field of
a sufficient strength where the output is then latched in a high state.

Ready for Miniature Design and Massive Production

The MLX92213 device is delivered in a lead-free and green compliant micro
lead frame package. This miniature package requires only 3mm2 PCB surface
(1.5 x 2mm) with only 0.4mm thickness. This represents a major advantage
versus any optical solution as it allows producing much thinner application
designs for consumer handheld devices such as portable media players or smart

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