September 24, 2009

Answers.com Combines Wiki With Encyclopedias

Answers Corporation launched its new Web site on Wednesday that will feature information that is based on both encyclopedias as well as people.

The new Answers.com will combine community knowledge along with editorial resources.

"For several years, we have been quietly building our database, which now exceeds five million answers, and community, with over 3.4 million registered members," Bob Rosenschein, founder and chief executive of Answers.com, told crowds at the DEMOfall technology conference in California on Wednesday.

"We are marrying the power of a community with the integrity of a library," he added.

"We are integrating a wiki-based community with hundreds of reference sources."

The new site also supports Spanish, French, Italian and German languages.

Answers Corporation is the owner of Answers.com, which combines ReferenceAnswers and WikiAnswers.

ReferenceAnswers includes content on millions of topics from over 250 licensed dictionaries and encyclopedias from leading publishers, including Houghton Mifflin, Barron's and Encyclopedia Britannica, the firm said in a statement.

Additionally, WikiAnswers features community-driven social knowledge in a Q&A format.

"Wikipedia is for specific facts like what swine flu is or details about Paris," Answers.com associate product manager Shaya Loney told AFP. "We are for more personal questions like how to avoid getting swine flu or whether you should go to Paris for vacation."

"As more people come to our pages with questions, it builds on itself and becomes a more valuable resource," Rosenschein said. "It's a virtuous cycle."


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