Waste Management Gift to Area School District Foundation Will Help Pioneer New Pathways in Science Education

September 24, 2009

Saturday, April 17, 2010 – Reliant Center at Reliant Park

HOUSTON, Sept. 24 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Schools in the Humble Independent School District recently received an unprecedented gift that will bolster their curriculum in math, science, technology, robotics and environmental education. Waste Management announced a $450,000 contribution to the Humble ISD Education Foundation. The gift will establish the Glenn Masterson Endowed Chairs for Elementary Science Education. A portion of the gift has also been earmarked to underwrite participation of Humble ISD’s elementary students in the 2010 All-Earth EcoBot Challenge taking place April 17, 2010 at Reliant Center in Reliant Park in Houston.

In its first year, the All-Earth EcoBot Challenge drew over 54 teams and over 600 participants from the Gulf Coast area and earned the group the 2009 Leadership Houston “Leadership in Action” Award in Science and Technology. This year, Challenge organizers including the Education Foundation of Harris County, and presenting sponsors Reliant Energy and NRG have expanded the program statewide and expect to draw hundreds more from Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, El Paso, and other areas throughout Texas.

The All-Earth EcoBot Challenge gives students in grades 5 thru 8 a chance to solve environmental problems using the math and science skills they are learning in the classroom. Teams must build robots that perform real-world environmental tasks such as conserving energy, reducing, reusing and recycling. “The Challenge not only reinforces the math, science and computer skills students learn in school, it shows them what they can do with those skills,” said Stephanie Witherspoon, one of the teacher/organizers of the event. “The All-Earth EcoBot Challenge combines kids’ interests in robots and the environment to make learning more fun,” said Donna Cole, CEO of Cole Chemical, another of the event’s founders.

“The All-Earth EcoBot Challenge really helps students understand how far their minds can take them,” said Mary Patterson, one of the teachers who brought several teams to the contest in 2009.

The contest is free and open to all kids in grades 5 thru 8 anywhere in Texas. “We hope to attract teams from Amarillo to Brownsville, El Paso to Texarkana and everywhere between,” said Doug Kleiner, President and CEO of the Education Foundation of Harris County. “Schools or organizations that cannot afford robot kits may apply for a grant online. Lack of funding should not deter interested teachers from applying.” Those interested in learning more about the contest or registering can visit www.EcoBotChallenge.com.

    Phyllis J. Bailey

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