SonicWALL Eases Secure Remote Access to Virtual Call Center

September 29, 2009

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Sept. 29 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ – SonicWALL, Inc. (Nasdaq: SNWL), a leading secure network infrastructure company, today announced Total Transit, Inc.®, Arizona’s largest taxi service, has successfully deployed a SonicWALL® SSL-VPN 2000 to provide its remote call center staff members with easy secure remote access to virtual desktop applications.

“All you do is configure the SonicWALL SSL VPN, end users log in, click on the link and–boom–they are working,” said Wade Harding, IT Manager at Total Transit.

Total Transit now has approximately 20 call center employees working remotely over the SonicWALL SSL-VPN 2000. Remote staff members log in over the VPN to a virtual call center desktop environment on a terminal server as easily and securely as if they were in the office.

“We were looking for both security and ease of use,” said Harding. “I’ve tried other VPN solutions from Microsoft and RSA that were either too insecure or too complex.”

In the initial phase, the company will direct voice traffic over landlines, and subsequently begin migrating traffic to a Voice over IP (VoIP) platform. The SonicWALL SSL-VPN 2000 enables the at-home teleworkers to establish secure access to call center applications remotely over a virtual private network (VPN).

“The data side works perfectly over the SSL-VPN,” said Harding.

The end user does not need to install, configure or update any client software, because secure access is clientless and takes place through a standard Web browser.

“I’ve gotten several compliments on how easy the SonicWALL SSL VPN is to use from people around the organization,” said Howard Bannerman, Network Support Specialist at Total Transit. “It is also great that I don’t have to get too technical with the end users over the phone to get them set up, like I would with IPSec VPN configurations.”

The SonicWALL SSL-VPN 2000 solution enables the company to apply the remote employees’ personal computing equipment instead of purchasing and powering in-house inventory, while at the same time providing workers with greater job satisfaction and reducing turnover. It also provides more flexibility in staffing by enabling IT to have a fill-in worker up and running from anywhere at a moment’s notice, as well as freeing the company to add staff regardless of any space limitations at their facility. In addition, the company’s executive management staff also takes advantage of the SSL VPN for secure remote access to company resources from home or on the road.

The SonicWALL SSL-VPN 2000 provides mid-size organizations with a powerful, easy-to-use and cost-effective secure remote access solution that requires no pre-installed client software. Utilizing only a standard Web browser, users can easily and securely access applications, e-mail, files, intranets, remote desktops, servers and other resources on the corporate LAN from any location. SonicWALL SSL VPN solutions integrate seamlessly into virtually any wired or wireless network topology to deliver powerful, scalable and affordable remote access to corporate resources.

About SonicWALL, Inc.

SonicWALL, Inc. the leader in network security focuses on developing solutions that remove the cost and complexity out of managing a secure network environment. With over one million award-winning appliances shipped through its global network of ten thousand channel partners, SonicWALL provides end-to-end solutions including Firewalls, SSL VPNs, Email Security and Continuous Data Protection that collectively ensure robust, secure network protection. For more information, visit the company web site at http://www.sonicwall.com/.

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