Patton’s Multi-FXS VoIP Gateway Router Cuts OpEx for Carriers and Service Providers

September 29, 2009

GAITHERSBURG, Md., Sept. 29 /PRNewswire/ — Patton — the leader in business and carrier-class network access, connectivity, VoIP and triple-play equipment — is now taking orders for the SmartNode(TM) 4400 IpChannelBank(TM) Multi-Port FXS Analog VoIP Gateway Router for Telco carriers, service providers and enterprises.

The low-cost SN4400 reduces operating expenses for Telco carriers and telephony service providers by streamlining network operation, administration and maintenance (OAM) — while preserving the overall calling experience of analog phone users.

Ideal for multi-tenant-unit (MTU) installations, the IpChannelBank(TM) enables cable network operators to expand revenues by offering low-cost, traditional analog voice services over existing IP networks.

The SmartNode 4400 preserves investments in analog telephone equipment for enterprises and call centers in the ISDN world by connecting legacy PBX and phone equipment to a VoIP network.

“Why pay for a router and a gateway in every building,” John Wu, Product Manager asks rhetorically, “when one SmartNode(TM) does it all?”

Converting up to 32 traditional analog phone or fax calls to Voice-over-IP (enabling transport over IP backbones), the SmartNode(TM) 4400 is the only multi-port FXS VoIP device on the market that combines gateway and router functions in a low-cost standalone form factor.

Comparable alternatives are either expensive modular units too cumbersome for CPE use, or gateway-only devices that require purchasing a separate router.

While most VoIP equipment manufacturers add per-ticket charges or require paid support contracts, Patton includes free lifetime support with every SmartNode(TM) purchased.

Offering FXS port densities of 12, 16, 24 and 32, plus dual Ethernet ports, the SmartNode(TM) 4400 ensures the best possible match for various port-density requirements.

“Big iron is fading,” associate product manager, Pranav Desai, chimes in. “As the old TDM switches go obsolete, SmartNode technology delivers high-quality voice, video and data over simpler, lower-cost IP infrastructure.”

“SmartNode delivers on the promise of convergence,” Burt Patton, Executive Vice President, adds. “Patton already leads the digital VoIP market. Now, with analog VoIP gateways that deliver market-leading price-performance, we’re taking the lead again.”

In June, Patton announced reduced pricing on SmartNode(TM) 4110 VoIP Gateways with 2 to 8 analog ports.

During Q4 Patton plans to release a SmartNode(TM) Session Border Controller (SBC) and MFR2 signaling for the SN4960 PRI VoIP IAD.


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