September 30, 2009

New Sony PS3 Game Set To Debut In Movie Theaters

Sony Corp plans to unveil a new game title for its Playstation 3 game console at movie theaters next month, Reuters reported.

Four theaters in San Francisco and Thousand Oaks, California, Rosemont, Illinois and Bellevue, Washington, will give moviegoers a chance to play the upcoming action game "UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves" on October 5 and 6, using movie screens equipped with Sony digital-projection technology.

PS3s will be connected to screens supporting Sony's 4K digital cinema technology, which is in about 500 theaters nationwide. Sony says the theaters provide better image resolution than traditional projectors.

Events like this could eventually drive revenues for Sony, video game makers, and theater operators, according to Mike Fidler, senior vice president of Sony Electronics' Digital Cinema Solutions and Services Group.

He believes it could be the start of something big for the company and they hope they can build it into a standard element in the movie-going experience.

"Our goal in converting theaters to digital is to go beyond the traditional movie-going experience and focus on helping exhibitors find ways to fill seats. Gaming will be an important part of that equation," said Fidler.

After kicking off with a private invitation-only event on the first night, the second event will be open to the public and publicized through radio and social networking sites.

As home entertainment and the recession has kept many moviegoers in their own homes, theater chains have struggled to sustain revenue growth. Sony and many other game console makers are hoping for a hit title this holiday season to drive platform sales.

Research group NPD reported that sales of video game equipment and software in the United States fell 16 percent in August to $908.7 million, marking the industry's sixth consecutive monthly decline.

As a response, both Sony and Microsoft Corp, the maker of the rival XBox 360, have recently slashed prices on their consoles to spark more console sales.


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