October 2, 2009

Navy Ramps Up Efforts To Maintain Cyber Supremacy

The US Navy has launched a new effort to consolidate intelligence in order to maintain US military supremacy in cyberspace.

According to AFP, Admiral Gary Roughead, Chief of Naval Operations, announced the development of an "Information Dominance Corps" that would consolidate more than 44,000 sailors in addition to 1,000 new positions.

The US is raising its efforts in cyberspace in order to maintain its advantage over opposing nations, such as China.

If we as a navy are to remain dominant in this information age... I think that we have to take advantage of the new opportunities that exist, such as the vast stores of collected data -- information and intelligence that often lie at rest, unrecoverable, unavailable and untapped," Admiral Roughead announced from the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS).

The Navy intends to establish the Fleet Cyber Command, as the Navy component to U.S. Cyber Command.

The new structure will combine efforts from fields of intelligence networks, electronic warfare, encryption operations, cyberspace communications and information gathering, as well as meteorology and oceanography, AFP reported.

The collaboration is expected to take place by the end of the year.

Vice Admiral Jack Dorsett is a candidate for the position of director of information dominance.

"Unless you frankly alter the status quo and take some leap ahead, and in some cases some risk, by developing more comprehensive approaches to how you manage the electromagnetic spectrum and how you manage the flow of information, there is the potential that the US and the US Navy will begin to lose that competitive advantage," said Dorsett.

The announcement comes at the beginning of October, which has been dubbed by the Obama administration as "National Cybersecurity Awareness Month."


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