Independent Research Firm Says OpTier’s BTM Technology is ‘On Fire’

October 5, 2009

NEW YORK, Oct. 5 /PRNewswire/ — A report issued today by independent firm, Forrester Research, Inc., says OpTier represents the next step in the evolution of next generation BSM tools. The research report titled, “Tech Horizons: OpTier, A Step Towards Business Service Management (BSM) 2.0,” outlines the benefits of the company and its CoreFirst® product.

Forrester Tech Horizons reports evaluate technologies using four main criteria, or heat factors — market potential, technology adoption, product implementation and company background. Based on the analysis conducted by Forrester Research, OpTier was categorized as being “on fire” with a total heat factor of 93 percent out of a possible 100 percent.

The Forrester report states, “the CoreFirst BTM concept is an answer to the end-to-end transaction management requirements that have been nagging IT operations for a long time.” It goes on to note that while today’s BSM and APM solutions have not been able to prioritize transactions that are business significant and pinpoint performance issues quickly and accurately, “the convergence of these disciplines into BTM embodied by CoreFirst seems to be the solution.”

The report also commends OpTier for its granular transaction view and ease of implementation noting that while some APM solutions are capable of monitoring and tracking transactions, “they rarely provide a quick and accurate root cause analysis” and “the cost of implementation and maintenance do not compare to CoreFirst.”

As part of the research, Forrester interviewed one of OpTier’s customers, a Fortune 100 company, which is using CoreFirst on its large and complex new trading platform. “Once you have it, you want it everywhere,” the customer notes.

“Since day one we have been focused on the concept of providing a business context to IT through the use of end-to-end transaction monitoring and management,” said Israel Mazin, CEO of OpTier. “This recognition from Forrester we believe further demonstrates the uniqueness of our approach to transaction management and the maturity of our CoreFirst solution.”

About OpTier

OpTier(®) harnesses the power of real business transactions with its unique Business Transaction Management(TM) (BTM) software solutions. Our CoreFirst(®) product assures that business transactions flow smoothly within IT applications and infrastructure without bottlenecks or outages, for improved end-user experience and reduced cost. Our Active Context Tracking(TM) (ACT) technology delivers end-to-end visibility – of all business transactions, across all tiers, all the time – by continuously discovering the links between IT components and business services. It also prioritizes IT transactions and processes based on business needs, for true IT optimization. For more information, visit www.optier.com.

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