TRX Releases New Version of TRAVELTRAX

October 5, 2009

ATLANTA, Oct. 5 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — TRX, Inc. (Nasdaq: TRXI), a global technology company that develops and hosts software applications to process data records and automate manual processes, today announces the release of TRAVELTRAX v.6.0 to all hosted users.

TRAVELTRAX is a suite of travel data management and business intelligence solutions delivered as hosted software with support services which transforms transaction data into actionable insights and enables our clients to better control costs.

The new release features optional enhanced access to the Executive Overview Dashboard (EOD) which provides a broad overview of travel program performance across several key performance indicators used by travel managers to assess the health of their travel program.

Enhancements to the password security and administrative capabilities are also featured which enables administrators to better search and access user profile settings. In addition, the password algorithms have been increased from SHA hash 1 to SHA hash 2, which dramatically increases the security of passwords associated with user profiles and the level of decryption associated with the data accessed over the internet.

SHA hash functions are a set of cryptographic hash functions designed by the National Security Agency (NSA) and published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) as a U.S. Federal Information Processing Standard used to mask passwords and other data entered into access-related fields on web pages and web-enabled applications.

“Delivering features to our users in a software-as-a-service model allows us to bring new functionality to the market quickly, which greatly enhances our ability to add value to our clients,” said Shane Hammond, President and CEO, TRX. “When handling data, we understand that providing a secure environment for our client’s data is the highest priority and we are committed to improving our technology as security standards evolve.”

About TRX

TRX (NASDAQ: TRXI) is a global leader in travel technology and data services. We develop and host software applications that process data records and automate manual processes, enabling our clients to optimize performance and control costs. We deliver our technology applications in an on-demand environment to travel agencies, corporations, travel suppliers, government agencies, credit card associations, credit card issuing banks, and third-party administrators. TRX is headquartered in Atlanta with operations and associates in North America, Europe, and Asia. Please visit the company’s Website at www.trx.com.


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