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October 6, 2009

CHICAGO, Oct. 6 /PRNewswire/ — If the blustery fall weather is reminding you that your favorite birds are going to be gone with the wind until the first breath of spring, take a virtual hike over to Two-Fisted Birdwatcher for eclectic observations loosely inspired by years of avian appreciation. These tales of life, wildlife and the pursuit of happiness roam freely over everything from Scarlet Tanagers to banjo teachers and two-fisted characters like Indiana Jones, extracting life lessons from solitary walks in the woods.

“Birds don’t honor our idea of boundaries. They’re impatient free spirits, and go where they please, when they please. The Red-eyed Vireo in my crabapple tree might have been in Texas last week,” writes site creator and Chicago ad executive Mike Lubow in explaining his fascination with the winged world. “These sightings stimulate and satisfy our wanderlust. But the real kick comes from seeing a fellow being who doesn’t have to abide the limitations we’re stuck with.”

Unlike conventional birding websites and blogs that focus on bird sightings, events and identification skills, Two-Fisted Birdwatcher is filled with both amusing and poignant stories tying Lubow’s life view to his birding experiences – all written with the same flair as his published short stories and one-time Chicago Tribune “Got a Minute?” column.

One tale on the site relates how he avoided a traffic ticket by explaining that he was chasing a Pileated Woodpecker. Another is a yarn about an ailing crow whose would-be rescuer unwittingly fed him to the neighborhood raccoons. A third is about the fragility of life as demonstrated by the sight of a bird that is mutilated by a 97 mph fastball.

The site also features a “Hidden Bird Contest” challenging readers to find photos of specific species; a “Two-Fisted Library” offering book recommendations for readers who like their writing brawny (Jim Harrison, Ed Abbey, Tom McGuane, Jack London et al); a “Two-Fisted Store” for those inclined to give a gift to the two-fisted birdwatcher in their life; and an extensive list of online birding resources.

But the heart of Two-Fisted Birdwatcher is Lubow’s writing. Take his reflections on a short story about birds that rescue a couple from an onslaught of bugs. “Moral of the story. When you’re bothered by the nagging little problems of life, get your butt into the woods. Sit on a rock or by a stream. Unwind. Watch the birds. Let them do their work. They won’t literally eat bugs off you, but they’ll get rid of them all the same. Just don’t get West Nile or Lyme while you’re out there. A metaphor can only take you so far.”

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