Basic Math, One Frame at a Time

October 7, 2009

NEW YORK, Oct. 7 /PRNewswire/ — Sometimes it’s best to start at the beginning of any tough math problem. Assess the facts, apply core principles, and, well, do the math. So what’s a student to do when “doing the math” turns into one in a series of illegible pieces of scrap paper? Scrap the paper and go online to TutaPoint.com, which recently released a complete suite of more than 100 short, concise videos that address core mathematics concepts.

TutaPoint.com — a Manhattan-based provider of live, one-on-one, Internet-based math, science, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish tutoring — has expanded its network of academic support with its latest series of short math lessons on video, available online. The lessons are aligned to The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)-standard areas and review core mathematic building blocks of high-school and college-level mathematics. Forget the basics of fraction-to-decimal conversions? Tutapoint.com can help. Don’t recall decimal division? TutaPoint’s math lesson series covers that and over 100 other concept areas.

Designed to engage the student, these 5- to 10-minute videos provide a quick, concise review of core concepts using simple, clear graphics and friendly voiceovers by experienced math professionals.

“The lessons address specific core math concepts, which might prevent a student from understanding a larger problem,” said Ryan Duques, co-founder of TutaPoint.com. “By design, the lessons are short and extremely vertical in content. Example topics include converting percents to fractions and finding slope given two points.”

The lessons are available at TutaPoint.com and the company licenses the lessons to traditional educational institutions, as well as virtual schools, such as new licensee Insight Schools, a network of accredited, online public high schools.

“It’s our hope that the addition of the TutaPoint mini lessons will help students who need multiple representations of math concepts in order to progress,” said Joanne Luzietti, vice president of Education Operations, Insight Schools.

As an approved Supplemental Education Services (SES) provider in the State of New Jersey, TutaPoint’s math video series — along with its live tutoring services — will be available to Garden State SES students.

TutaPoint.com provides supplemental education services and products. The company is privately held.

Insight Schools Inc., with nine schools in operation, is the nation’s leading network of tuition-free, diploma-granting, online public high schools. To learn more about Insight Schools Inc., visit www.insightschools.net.

Contact: Ryan Duques rduques@tutapoint.com (800)390-2370 x 703

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