October 7, 2009

Google Continues Growth Over Rival Search Engines

Experian Hitwise reported Tuesday that Google continues to hold a dominating lead over other rival search engines.

The report noted that 71.08 percent of all searches in the US were conducted on Google during the four weeks ending October 3. By comparison, Yahoo, Bing and Ask.com received 16.38 percent, 8.96 percent and 2.56 percent, respectively.

The study shows that Google's lead over the competition is continuing steady growth.

Google received 71.08 percent of US searches in September, which was up from 70.24 percent in August.

Meanwhile, US searches on Yahoo were down from 16.96 percent to 16.38 percent, and Bing searches dropped from 9.48 percent to 8.96 percent.

However, Ask.com searches rose from 2.37 percent in August to 2.56 percent in September, according to the report.

Additionally, the report showed that more Web users were entering longer search queries.

Longer search queries, averaging searches of five to more than eight words in length, increased 2 percent between August and September 2009. Searches of eight or more words increased 6 percent.

What's more the report showed a flat growth rate for shorter search queries, which average one to four words long.


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