Quantum Cryptography Network Up and Running for 12,000 Hours

October 9, 2009

GENEVA, Switzerland, October 9 /PRNewswire/ — The SwissQuantum testbed
network was set up in Geneva by the University Of Geneva, the University of
Applied Sciences
of Western Switzerland and the company id Quantique in order
to demonstrate long-term operation of quantum cryptography technology in a
meshed network setting. Contrary to quantum networks previously deployed, it
is used to carry real traffic and is independently tested.

Quantum Cryptography is a technology that allows distribution of
encryption keys across optical links and exploits the laws of quantum physics
to guarantee their security. For Nicolas Gisin, of the University of Geneva,
“this is the only technology that guarantees long-term secrecy of data.”

The three quantum cryptography links forming the network distribute
encryption keys to any of its three nodes. These keys are used for services
such as 10 Gigabit Ethernet encryption to secure communications between CERN
and the University of Geneva, as well as Fibre Channel and IPSEC encryption.
Gerald Litzistorf of the University of Applied Sciences of Western
says: “The SwissQuantum network is the most advanced quantum
network deployed to date. I was really impressed by the fact that this
technology does not require any special skills beyond standard network
engineering to be used.”

The network was deployed in April 2009 and has been up and running for
more than six months and has recently passed the 12,000 hours of cumulative
operation time mark. “With this project, we clearly demonstrate that this
technology is mature, reliable and deployment-ready,” explains Gregoire
, CEO of id Quantique. The operation of this network was demonstrated
during the whole week at the ITU Telecom World exhibition in Geneva and its
performance presented during a conference on October 8th. More information
also on http://www.swissquantum.com

    Contact: Gregoire Ribordy,
    Tel.: +41-79-784-70-79
    E-Mail: gregoire.ribordy@idquantique.com

SOURCE id Quantique SA

Source: newswire

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