October 12, 2009

Microsoft To Release Largest Security Update Yet

Microsoft will release its largest security update so far on the 13th of October. This gargantuan update encompasses 13 bulletins that target 34 weak areas.

Microsoft announced that eight of the bulletins were extremely serious as they were the most severe kind of weakness.

The update will secure loopholes in several programs like Windows, Internet Explorer and some parts of Office.

One update closes a loophole in Internet Explorer 8, even though the next adaptation of the operating system will be released on October 22.

Most people can access the updates automatically, but there are also links that can be downloaded on Microsoft's security site.

In a blog that describes the updates, Jerry Bryant, a Microsoft security leader, noted that two of the updates were for issues brought to their attention a while ago.

Windows is highly targeted by cyber criminals and most of the millions of nasty bugs, counting worms and trojans, are sent to the operating system.

Prior to October security revision, Microsoft's had a June 2009 revision that cleaned up 31 weaknesses.

Microsoft generally releases its security updates on the second Tuesday of every month.


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