October 13, 2009

Apple Users Have Problems With Snow Leopard

People using the new Apple operating system, dubbed "Snow Leopard," are undergoing huge data losses when signing onto their computers using a guest account.

The issue seems to influence those who already had established guest account before switching to Snow Leopard.  Some people have even lost their complete primary profile.

The dilemma, blogged about by over 100 users on different website forums, began abruptly after the system was released in August.

The problem emerged after an enormous information loss on the Sidekick handset in the US, created by Microsoft owned Danger.

It seems Snow Leopard recognizes the main account as a guest account, which means that the profile is deleted when users log out.

"I've been using Macs for decades...what the heck have I done here?," typed user Wingrove on the Apple discussion forum. "Repeated restarts and logins never get me back to me usual user account."

Those who utilize the Time Machine program can bring back their lost information, but if you do not have this program the data is simply lost.

Apple announced in a statement that the issue "occurs only in extremely rare cases" and is actively trying to fix the problem.

For now, users should remove old guest accounts and build new ones that are "native" to the Snow Leopard program.


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