RegScan Launches Regulatory-Based Task Management System

October 13, 2009

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa., Oct. 13 /PRNewswire/ — RegScan, Inc. announces the launch today of RegScan Socrates(TM) (patent pending), a first of its kind regulatory-driven task management system. Unlike every other task management system, Socrates is a regulatory compliance management system where one can create tasks directly from the regulations. Whether complying with Sarbanes-Oxley, banking, housing, environmental health and safety, tax and any other regulatory area, Socrates will simplify and help organize one’s regulatory compliance.

“Socrates will revolutionize how people and companies manage their compliance tasks in light of the new rapidly changing regulatory environment,” said RegScan CEO and President, Ned Ertel.

“In response to client input, we designed Socrates to give users the flexibility and power to create tasks through three distinct methods,” stated Geoff Smith, Vice President of Strategic Sales. “Not only can tasks be created directly from a regulation, but Socrates also enables tasks to be generated from an audit using its Corrective Action Tracking System (CATS) and populates tasks as one would in a typical task management system.”

With Socrates, clients can use audit protocols provided by RegScan or upload their own custom questions into CATS. Once the audit is complete, CATS will automatically create corrective action tasks from the deficiencies.

RegScan Socrates is not just another task management system. It is regulatory-driven, meaning that regulatory needs, profiles, and changes drive compliance, with tasks becoming a by-product of those requirements. RegScan GCS and RegScan Socrates together form a six-step regulatory compliance system called the “The Compliance Loop.” This loop begins with profile identification and ends with corrective action.

Founded in 1987, RegScan, Inc. provides legislative and regulatory information and services to Fortune 1000 companies worldwide. Its congressionally recognized HazMat Trucking Enforcer software is unique in its handling of complex hazardous material shipments and is used daily by both enforcement and private carriers for the safe handling of dangerous goods.

To learn more about RegScan GCS and RegScan Socrates, please visit http://www.regscan.com

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