Clicck’s Disruptive Technology Gives Online Dating a New Look

October 20, 2009

NEW YORK, Oct. 20 /PRNewswire/ — Still weary of going online to find a meaningful connection? Not anymore, October 11th saw the release of a disruptive technology based Online Relationship Site; Clicck.com. Originally conceived to enhance the needs of LGBT singles, Clicck.com has morphed into a second wave dating service designed to make it less stressful, less time-consuming, and shatter preconceptions of online dating through the use of advanced technology, for both gay and straight singles.

Using its patent-pending facial analysis software, Eye Candy, Clicck will bring a more visual and biologically based connection to computer screens by allowing users to click, contact and connect their way to finding that special someone. Clicck.com CEO, Christopher Brian Ovide, is offering this innovative approach initially to the LGBT community adding new options to the mundane dating repertoire of profile questions linked to a psychological test. “It’s certainly caused a buzz and I am confident we will revolutionize how users see and enjoy online relationship opportunities.”

Here’s how it works, Clicck.com brings a redesigned version of existing Facial Recognition technology, currently used in law enforcement, creating a patent pending, entirely new method of searching for that special someone, in the process, enhancing the online dating experience. This coupled with an amazing array of mobile and bio-tech based applications, recreates everything from vocal recognition to pheromone based technologies that mimic scent attraction online.

The patent-pending Facial Analysis software, Eye Candy, allows users to upload any picture and in less then 1 millisecond, it extrapolates a facial profile that others can search by following three simple steps:

  • The software links previously filled out preferences from the basic Clicck profile and prompts them to “tag-em” to select users that they like.
  • The user tags and then the software asks why, allowing them to identify up to 9 different facial features that they prefer.
  • Their unique preferences are stored in the database and every subsequent search will yield them results that reflect their tastes

Clicck was the brainchild of LGBT rights champion, 38 year-old CEO Christopher Brian Ovide, who fresh off his post as Finance Manager with Equality California in the disappointing loss in the No on 8 campaign, noticed a distinct lack of meaningful online dating options for more relationship minded LGBT individuals. He was further convinced that there had to be an alternative to mainstream online dating website eHarmony, who furthered this discrimination and sense of inequality not just in California but throughout the world. “I have brought an amazing team together that will help to redefine the online dating experience for everyone, and create a model for LGBT citizens shattering the misconception that online dating is all about a hook-up.” In the coming weeks the Clicck team will be releasing more information as well as other features available to customers, stay tuned!

After all, doesn’t everyone want a happy ending?

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