Aline CEO Joins Governance, Risk and Compliance Thought Leaders at National Conference for Corporate Directors

October 20, 2009

WASHINGTON, Oct. 20 /PRNewswire/ — Aline CEO Roland Mosimann joins over 600 Corporate Directors and thought leaders from across the country to debate critical issues and mounting concerns confronting companies today.

At the center of the debate is effective board oversight of an organization’s risk appetite and the adequacy of information flow to alert directors of unacceptable threats to performance and market valuation. The regulatory climate, activist shareholders, and economic forces in increasingly complex, dynamic markets are compelling directors to understand and closely monitor strategy and risk.

Citing this increasing demand for top-down insight into risk exposures that are very often ensconced in functional silos of an organization, Roland Mosimann, Aline CEO, stated his impressions: “We believe Corporate Directors are issuing a clear call-to-action. Senior Management teams are being asked to find more effective ways to manage and communicate risk, both within their organizations as well as to the board of directors, shareholders, and regulators.”

He went on to add, “It is our belief that organizations which manage risk as an integral element of their performance strategy are clearly advantaged in their marketplace. They gain a capacity for risk/reward insight which leadership can then leverage in capital markets to drive a valuation premium.”

About Aline

Aline, a subsidiary of Business Intelligence International, provides industry-specific solutions for effective oversight of strategy and risk. Aline GRC, the company’s web-service software platform, incorporates governance standards and best-practice risk and performance modeling frameworks drawn from industry and academia. Aline-skilled management consultants partner with clients to adapt these frameworks to their particular terminology, processes and appetite for risk. An integrated Aline GRC solution gives clients Goal-to-Control((TM)) visibility of their business, a powerful analytical view of risk and performance interdependence that is unique in the GRC software industry. Since 1995, Aline has been engaged in developing and delivering information insight solutions and decision support dashboards to global clientele across a variety of industries. For additional knowledge about how your organization can benefit from the Aline GRC solution platform, visit www.alinegrc.com.


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