IceWEB & Saratoga Data Systems Accelerate Cloud Data Ingestion

October 28, 2009

STERLING, Va., Oct. 28 /PRNewswire/ — IceWEB, Inc.(TM) (OTC Bulletin Board: IWEB), www.IceWEB.com, announced today that the Company has partnered with Saratoga Data Systems, Inc. to integrate their Flume Data Acceleration product into Iplicity Cloud Storage Appliances.

Gary Dunham, SVP Product Development & Engineering for IceWEB detailed the development effort, “IceWEB will bundle or integrate Flume Network Optimization software into our core Iplicity product suite. We are partnering with Saratoga Data Systems to deliver this functionality to our clients, ISP’s and MSP’s who implement Iplicity products to solve a vexing problem associated with migrating corporate data into emerging cloud storage services. The problem, which in many cases is delaying wholesale migration into cloud storage, is the fact that the volumes of data to be migrated from private networks to cloud storage far exceeds what can be transferred electronically in a reasonable period of time. To ‘band-aid’ this problem, many providers rely on manually copying data at the remote customer site and then shipping that data on physical devices to the provider’s location and downloading that data onto their cloud infrastructure. Such manual processes are by no means a secure, automated, or efficient solution.” Dunham continued, “By integrating Flume protocols within Iplicity, we have a solution that significantly accelerates the transfer of large amounts of data across long distance, high latency networks, in a secure, encrypted, and guaranteed error free fashion.”

“Iplicity in and of itself is an exciting storage solution,” said Greg Fairbank, President & CEO of Saratoga Data Systems. “We’re excited at the prospect of integrating Flume Network Optimization with the product suite. We think that the dramatic performance increases Flume can deliver to the cloud storage marketplace coupled with the innovative features found within Iplicity will offer a compelling solution for companies as they begin to migrate their data into the cloud. The fact that Iplicity and Flume will allow rapid transfer of large amounts of data simultaneously to multiple distinct cloud storage providers also will serve to mitigate some of the perceived risks associated with cloud storage vendor lock-in as well.”


  • Transfer very large data files faster than TCP based utilities, without network tuning or specialized client side hardware
  • Improve throughput over long distance, high latency networks
  • Lower costs by improving utilization of available network bandwidth
  • Secure data with built in encryption, allowing secure use of lower cost public networks
  • Simultaneously transfer high volume data to any number of providers
  • Accelerate the transfer of any data, regardless of content or format

About IceWEB, Inc.

Headquartered just outside of Washington, D.C., IceWEB manufactures and markets purpose built appliances, network and cloud attached storage solutions and delivers on-line cloud computing application services. Its customer base includes U.S. government agencies, enterprise companies, and small to medium sized businesses (SMB). For more information, please visit www.IceWEB.com

About Saratoga Data Systems, Inc.

Saratoga Data Systems was founded by a group of data processing and semiconductor tool industry veterans who have been collectively responsible for the development and sales of industry standard software applications used around the world. The Saratoga team has extensive experience in the development of data processing applications and design automation software. For more information, please visit www.saratogadata.com.

Saratoga Data is a privately held company.

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