October 28, 2009

New Metallica iPhone App Now Available

Metallica's Tap Tap Revenge iPhone app is now available to users of Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch.

The app challenges players to tap along with classic songs from the band's catalog, such as "One" and "Enter Sandman".

"Tap Tap Revenge fans have been wanting an app from us that rocks and no band embodies rock music better than Metallica," said Tim O'Brien, head of business development at Tapulous.

"The Tap Tap Revenge: Metallica App really captures the head-thrashing metal of James, Lars, Kirk and Robert and is our most amped up game to date."

The new game is also the first edition of the Tap Tap Revenge series to feature Bluetooth-based Battles Mode that will allow players to challenge each other to battles.

Although the band would likely be able to make the same profit from two nights of live shows as it will with the $4.99 mobile app, 45-year-old drummer Lars Ulrich said for him, its all about staying cool for the younger generation.

"It's one more thing that'll keep me semi-cool in my kids' eyes for another six months until the next thing comes out," Ulrich said. "It's not about the money or revenue or some master plan. This stuff all falls in the fun category."

According to the Associated Press, Metallica's record label, Warner Bros Records, believes the game will be featured as a top 10 paid music app on the iTunes store.

"We're not expecting this to be some sort of golden miraculous thing that changes the economics of record labels," Jack Isquith, senior vice president of digital music, told the AP.

"The main driver was to have it stand up to scrutiny from hardcore Metallica fans now. We think it's a cool game."

Other editions of the music app have featured artists including Nine Inch Nails, Coldplay and Lady Gaga.

The company gives 30 percent of its sales to Apple and the rest is divvied up between it and the music publishers.


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