October 30, 2009

N Korea Blamed For July Cyber Attacks In US, S Korea

North Korea has been implicated in a series of cyber attacks in South Korea and the United States in July, according to South Korea's spy agency chief.

During the attack, several government and business Web sites were sluggish or completely disabled by malicious software.

"The attacks on Korean and U.S. Internet sites were traced back to circuits originating in China," South Korea's spy chief Won Sei-hoon was quoted by Yonhap news.

"North Korea's communications ministry has been confirmed as leasing the line," said Won.

North Korea's Ministry of Post and Telecommunications allegedly leased the IP address from China, Won told lawmakers.

According to the Associated Press, the spy agency has declined to confirm the report.

At the time of the attack, North Korea was believed to be the source, but evidence was lacking. South Korean news agencies reported at the time that North Korea's Internet warfare unit attempts to hack into US and South Korean military networks.

"It's definitely credible that anyone who had $50 million or a quarter-million dollars or a fairly limited amount of funding could hire hackers to go and perpetrate such an attack," the AP quoted Rod Beckstrom, former head of the National Cybersecurity Center in the US, who was speaking during an Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) meeting.