November 5, 2009

Google Wave Seeks Business Community

The product manager for Google's new Wave communications service told businesses on Wednesday that the firm hopes they will use the new features to revitalize communications and increase productivity.

During an Enterprise 2.0 Conference on Wednesday in San Francisco, Gregory D'Alesandre touted Google Wave as the next best thing in terms of business communications.

"Email simulated snail mail once removed; the Wave gets back to people communicating in real time," said D'Alesandre.

"Businesses understand better than anyone else that when you share a communication you are trying to get something done. This is a real-time collaborative platform."

Google Wave is still in the developing stages, and the company is only offering invites to conference attendees, according to AFP.

Wave is advertised as a new way to bring email, chat, social networking and wiki group access to Web pages.

"We are still in a preview and it is still very buggy," said D'Alesandre.

"There are a lot of features yet to be done."

"Anyone on the Wave has the ability to add any other collaborators; eventually we will add permissions."

"We realized that if we put those permissions in place everyone would have immediately locked down everything because that is what they are used to doing. They would have locked it down and made it like email," D'Alesandre added.

D'Alesandre said Google employees have begun using Wave internally.

"We found we are actually at this point where it is better to be interacting electronically than in person."

"You can have 12 people interacting in a Wave at the same time without people talking over each other or stepping on each others' toes."


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