EMC Demonstrates Dramatic Speed-To-Value With Documentum xCP Designer’s Challenge

November 9, 2009

ATHENS, Greece, Nov. 9 /PRNewswire/ — Momentum Europe 2009 — EMC(®) Corporation (NYSE: EMC), the world leader in information infrastructure solutions, today announced that Booz Allen Hamilton has taken first place in the company’s EMC Documentum xCelerated Composition Platform (xCP) Designer’s Challenge — reinforcing just how easily companies can build business-relevant applications using Documentum xCP.

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Documentum xCP enables customers and partners to rapidly build and deploy case processing solutions at a lower cost and with fewer resources. Case processing addresses complex patterns of work found in the majority of business operations by orchestrating how people collaborate and use information to make decisions.

Announced today at Momentum Europe — the market’s largest gathering of customers, partners and industry experts in ECM and archiving outside of the Americas – Booz Allen Hamilton claimed the grand prize with its Roadpulse application, developed in just eight days leveraging Documentum xCP.

Roadpulse enables citizens to notify both local and state governments of important infrastructure-related concerns. Roadpulse Public uses Microsoft Live Map to capture points of interest on which users can collaborate, comment and rate. If certain triggers — such as a high rating or most views — occur, the point of interest is automatically routed to the local or state government. As the local government tracks the status of the case in Roadpulse Enterprise, the public can also see the status via Roadpulse Public. A demo of Roadpulse and all the winning applications can be found in the Documentum Developer Community, one of the many active communities that are part of the EMC Community Network (ECN). The ECN is a collection of global, online collaboration communities where EMC customers, partners and employees share best practices, code and desired product enhancements.

EMC Documentum xCP

Documentum xCP is an applications composition platform that provides fully integrated technologies, development and deployment tools, application accelerators and a focus on configuration versus coding — while reducing project complexity and risk. Documentum xCP unifies content management, business process management, intelligent capture, customer communications management, collaboration, case management, analysis, reporting and compliance management into a single unified environment. IT organizations and systems integrators can leverage Documentum xCP to rapidly compose a variety of case-based applications and solutions such as grants management, integrated justice, lending, claims processing, new account opening and many others — across virtually all industries.

Second Place Winner

Winning second prize in the Developer’s Challenge was Avantias and the company’s Education Center application, which was developed in just eighteen days using Documentum xCP. This case management solution streamlines the process of a typical education center. It starts with Web or paper-based registration, followed by workflow processes for attendance record and customized publishing of acknowledgements and final evaluations. In addition to Documentum xCP, the application incorporates both EMC Captiva® InputAccel® for intelligent capture and EMC Document Sciences® xPression® for customer communications management.

Third Place Winner

Taking third prize in the challenge was Trends Global, which developed its Healthcare Content Collaboration Gateway application in just eight days using Documentum xCP. The Healthcord XT Content Collaboration Gateway allows healthcare providers to share patient records and other documents electronically while meeting HIPAA compliance requirements. When a patient requests a copy of his medical record, the application generates a master list which is then e-mailed to the patient. After the patient selects the healthcare record he needs, it can be viewed or e-mailed to a family member or other doctors.

EMC Documentum xCP Designer’s Challenge

The challenge was initially issued to prove the ease and speed of application composition using Documentum xCP. Developers from around the world were invited to build an application of their choice using the tools, components, services and capabilities provided by Documentum xCP. The finalists were selected based on breadth of functionality, the amount of composition and configuration versus custom code and the completeness of the application. The top three winners will take home cash prizes — $35,000 for first prize, $10,000 for second prize and $5,000 for third prize. Winners have the option of donating their prizes to charity.

EMC Executive Quote

“When we first announced the Designer’s Challenge, our goal was clear: to show the world just how easy it is for companies to build case-based applications leveraging EMC Documentum xCP. The submissions we received were nothing short of amazing as developers were able to create business-relevant, case-based applications using Documentum xCP in times ranging from eight to just under forty-five days. We are extremely pleased with the results of the challenge and wish to thank all participants for taking the time to submit such thoughtful, business-relevant submissions.”

- Whitney Tidmarsh, Chief Marketing Officer, Content Management and Archiving Division, EMC

Supporting Quotes

“EMC Documentum xCP is absolutely amazing! It installed on my laptop effortlessly; the sample application makes it clear how to build similar solutions; and the best practices document was a great references guide. We’ll definitely be able to use Documentum xCP in our client practice.”

- Vikram Pant, Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton

“When we first installed EMC Documentum xCP, I was truly blown away by its ease-of-use. The fact that we were able to build such a significant application in just eighteen days is testament to the power and flexibility of the solution. I’ve truly never come across a solution as flexible or easy-to-use as Documentum xCP.”

- Denis Garet, EMC Documentum Technical Expert, Avantias

“Eight days. That’s all it took for us to develop our Healthcare Collaboration Gateway application leveraging EMC Documentum xCP. A powerful healthcare solution that meets today’s healthcare needs as it relates to patient privacy protection, just-in-time medical information and cost reduction. Our experience with Documentum xCP exceeded our expectations.”

- Erwin Chiong, President and Founder, Trends Global

Momentum Europe 2009

Documentum xCP will be demonstrated during the technical keynote session and throughout the exhibit floor at Momentum Europe. In addition, there will be more than 30 partners showcasing their products and services that integrate and leverage EMC’s market-leading content management and archiving solutions.

For up-to-the minute news and event updates on Momentum, please follow EMC on Twitter at http://twitter.com/emc_momentum. Event photos and videos of select executive presentations will be available for viewing in the Momentum Europe 2009 newsroom.

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