November 11, 2009

Windows 7 Absent In This Month’s Security Updates

During this month's security checks, Microsoft found no issues that needed to be resolved for Windows 7, its newest operating system.

According to the Associated Press, Microsoft fixed several bugs for its software products, but none of the fixes involved Windows 7.

Ben Greenbaum, a researcher at the antivirus software company Symantec Corp., told the AP that the lack of needed security fixes for Windows 7 was expected.

"Attackers will take more time to figure out ways of breaking into Windows 7," said Greenbaum.

Microsoft fixed bugs for its Excel and Word programs that would keep attackers from gaining control of a PC if it were to open an infected document.

Other security fixes involved XP and Vista, Two recent predecessors of Windows 7.

Windows users can receive the security updates by turning on the auto updating feature or visiting Microsoft's security center Web site.


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