Percello to Demonstrate 16 Calls Over PRC6500 at Femtocells America in San Diego

November 11, 2009

RA’ANANA, Israel, Nov. 11 /PRNewswire/ — Percello Ltd., an Israeli fabless semiconductor company developing highly integrated and low-cost digital baseband for UMTS and LTE networks, will demonstrate 16 simultaneous calls over its PRC6500 chipset at the Femtocells America conference, November 16-17, 2009, in San Diego. The PRC6500 is the second product in Percello’s Aquilo chip family, which offers the capacity and speed required for enterprise-grade applications.

PRC6500, which is in mass production, supports 16 users and delivers evolved high speed packet access (HSPA+) data rates of 21.6Mbps downstream and 5.7Mbps upstream, as well as cell range of 2,000 meters for optimized outdoor applications. It is pin-compatible with PRC6000 the eight-user HSPA+ residential device.

“We are entering to a new era where small base stations are going to play a key role in the evolution of new and existing cellular networks. The PRC6500 chipset enables carriers to deploy a second layer network for high speed HSPA+ data rates with very low CAPEX,” said Yoav Volloch, vice president of Product Management at Percello. “With this product, Percello is once again the first to bring the greater femto vision to reality.”

The PRC6500 is compliant with 3GPP HNB specs. It integrates an HSPA+ modem, a powerful MIPS processor, 3GPP L2 hardware accelerators, IP-SEC accelerators, embedded secured platform capabilities, a timing and synchronization mechanism, 2G/3G cognitive radio capabilities and peripherals such as embedded USIM I/F.

As a member of the Aquilo family, the PRC6500 is based on an advanced process to deliver the lowest cost and the lowest power femtocell. As a result, it does not require heat sync/airflow or external FPGA logic.

In addition, PRC6500 is a scalable solution. “If you’d like to have a 32- or 64-user offering, you can connect two or four PRC6500s in a cascade,” Volloch added. “The ability to easily and flexibly expand is one of the fundamental features of Aquilo architecture.”

Aquilo architecture enables UMTS NodeB and RNC functionality to run on a single die. The family of chips contains MIPS24Kc and its peripherals as well as femtocell L1 engine (FLE), which includes an HSPA+ modem and embedded RF I/F.

About Percello

Percello, a fabless semiconductor company, was founded to provide digital baseband solutions to the challenges of the 3G/HSDPA/HSUPA/HSPA+/LTE femtocell and picocell market: cost, power, level of integration, development time, and flexibility. Percello has vast knowledge in silicon design, software and 3G/HSDPA/HSUPA/HSPA+/LTE communication systems. Percello’s architecture combines programmable multi-processing DSPs and dedicated hardware accelerators. This approach is optimized for power consumption, cost reduction and risk minimization. For more information about Percello, please visit www.percello.com.

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