Sinbad Sweets(TM) Offers Sweet Deals for Holidays From $16.95 to $26.95 With Free Shipping

November 18, 2009

CHICAGO, Nov. 18 /PRNewswire/ — Sinbad Sweets (www.sinbadsweets.com/) is now offering handmade treats perfect for holiday gift giving and parties, starting at $16.95, including free UPS ground shipping.

Based in Northern California, Sinbad Sweets offers hand-crafted pastries including baklava, macaroons and nut tarts. The company’s artisan bakers are renowned for their blending of Mediterranean spices, nuts, and honey, combined with wholesome ingredients, inside layers of flakey fillo dough. Nuts, honey and dairy products used in the company’s recipes are sourced locally, via local California growers, to ensure freshness. Sinbad Sweets produces Fillo dough on site, guaranteeing stringent quality standards are consistently met. All desserts have a shelf life of three months or more. Pricing includes UPS ground shipping.

“Baklava is an old-world favorite that is popular as a holiday dessert, but is known to be extremely difficult and time intensive to make,” said Mathew Freistadt, corporate chef for Sinbad Sweets. “To help with help with holiday gift giving and entertainment, we offer our Baklava and other desserts in a variety of quantities and assortments.”

Sinbad Sweets’ holiday line-up includes:

15 Piece Enrobed Macaroons with Almonds $16.95. Moist, chewy spirals of flaky toasted coconut is enrobed in dark chocolate and toasted slivered almonds.

12-piece Sinbad’s Classic Baklava $24.95. Hand-crafted by artisan bakers, Classic Baklava is prepared by combining dozens of layers of crisp, buttery fillo pastry leaves, a proprietary blend of fresh, locally grown walnuts and aromatic spices, and special honey syrup.

35 Piece Mini Double Chocolate Baklava $26.95. A marriage of crisp pastry and rich, dark chocolate chunks nestled with roasted walnuts, and aromatic spices among 50 layers of crisp, buttery fillo leaves, Double Chocolate Baklava is doused with special honey syrup, and the finest dark chocolate.

About Sinbad Sweets

Sinbad Sweets(TM) is a brand of Rain Creek Baking Company®, a division of Kronos Foods, Inc. Rain Creek is the country’s foremost specialty baker of the Mediterranean delicacy Baklava and many old-world style pastries. Located in the heart of California, surrounded by nut and fruit orchards and vineyards, the firm takes pride in supporting the local economy by actively sourcing local suppliers for ingredients whenever possible. For more information visit: www.sinbadsweets.com.

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