New Software Innovation From New Momentum Makes It Easy to Identify the Top Counterfeit and Gray Market Violators

November 18, 2009

IRVINE, Calif., Nov. 18 /PRNewswire/ — New Momentum launched a new Company Risk Index (CRI) that helps global enterprises quickly identify violators and prioritize investigation and enforcement efforts. By automating the process of evaluating which suspects have the greatest impact on a company’s revenue and brand, New Momentum made it easier–and much more cost-effective–to stop the violations.

New Momentum’s CEO, Stuart Clifton, commented, “Our customers have told us that our software solution is unmatched in its ability to find a wide variety of global suspects and reduce the cost of test buys. But they wanted more. They wanted to be able to see their top suspects in a single chart, weighted by discount percentage, quantity and other factors. And we responded by adding this important innovation to our brand protection solution.”

About New Momentum

New Momentum offers SaaS-based Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) software that combats the rapidly increasing revenue, profit, brand, and market share erosion resulting from global outsourcing and Internet trading. The company’s solutions, which provide unmatched visibility into the global open market, include Enterprise Brand Intelligence (anti-counterfeiting) and Enterprise Sales Intelligence (finds channel violations). www.newmo.com

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