November 24, 2009

New Wii Game To Let Users Maintain Healthy Shape

Ubisoft is set to get gamers into shape with the release of "Your Shape," a new title designed for Nintendo's Wii.

The game will utilize a camera that plugs directly to the Wii console to put gamers on screen alongside a virtual coach in the form of an animated Jenny McCarthy.

"This is a great way to personalize a fitness experience," Ubisoft senior vice president of sales and marketing Tony Key told AFP during a demonstration of the new game.

"We feel we have a great opportunity to take the fitness game to the next level with the camera."

"Your Shape" will come packaged with a camera at the introductory price of $70.

The camera will serve to help gamers by allowing the virtual coach to guide them in form and routine.

Previous Wii games aimed at encouraging fitness made use of a balance board designed to sense weight and balance.

"It's a completely different approach than what the balance board offers," Key said. "The camera is putting you on the screen and analyzing your movement next to the coach."

The game is programmed to offer players more than 500 different exercise routines.

"You pick what you want to fix, whether it's 'My arms are too flappy'...'My butt is too big'...'My gut is too flabby," Key said. "It turns out fitness is really desirable."


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