November 30, 2009

Barnes & Noble: Nook Shipments To Stores Delayed

On Sunday, Barnes & Noble announced that shipments of its new Nook e-reader to stores would be delayed.

Instead, the bookseller will focus on getting the $259 device to customers who preordered before November 20.

Barnes & Noble spokeswoman Mary Ellen Keating told Reuters, "We expect to have them in our highest-volume stores on December 7th and in a very limited number."

She added that the company had previously hoped to have a "limited number of e-readers in some of its stores by Nov. 30."

Earlier this month, Barnes & Noble and Sony both announced similar problems with delivery of their e-readers.

According to Reuters, experts predict that electronic readers will be a hot gift item this holiday season.

While Barnes & Noble and Sony are experiencing supply issues, it could end up helping rival Amazon with sales of its Kindle device. Analysts believe the Kindle holds top market share in the category.


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