Reducing Workplace Stress With Stillness Buddy

November 30, 2009

BOSTON, Massachusetts, November 30 /PRNewswire/ — MindFree Ventures, the
stress management software specialists, has launched ‘Stillness Buddy -
Stress Reduction’, a unique application designed to help office workers and
home computer users feel less stressed and work more productively.

Stillness Buddy creates very short on-screen breaks, which encourage
‘moments of stillness’ and ‘mindfulness pauses’ at regular intervals during
the day.

Users decide on the duration and frequency of their breaks to suit their
preferences and schedule. In addition, users can customise the exercises,
sounds and messages to be displayed during the day.

“It is ideal for people who are often tense and stressed, working for
long periods without taking a moment of rest,” said Stillness Buddy creator

Hector Bolanos.

“Stillness Buddy helps them to work in a more relaxed way. It is like
having a friend that every now and then gently reminds you to stop for a
moment, breathe, centre yourself again and then continue.”

The latest, Stress Reduction version of Stillness Buddy contains several
carefully designed exercises, based on mindfulness and relaxation principles.
Examples include:

    - Deep breathing
    - Relaxing various parts of the body through progressive relaxation
    - Quieting the mind through simple mindfulness practices, such as
      just listening
    - Gentle stretching
    - Using the imagination to de-stress
    - Scanning the sensations in the body

Hector Bolanos added, “Taking very short but regular pauses to practice
relaxation or mindfulness, helps you to feel more energized, calmer and

“Our trials have shown users work more productively as they are able to
focus on the important things, be more alert, and ultimately more efficient.”

Stillness Buddy has been praised by celebrities, including renowned
Taoist teacher Stephen Russell, also known as the Barefoot Doctor, and BBC2
radio presenter and author Janey Lee Grace:

The software application has been downloaded over 1,500 times since
making its market debut in August 2009.

A 30-day free trial and further information about Stillness Buddy can be
found at http://www.stillnessbuddy.com

To see a light-hearted video about Stillness Buddy, visit

About MindFree Ventures

MindFree Ventures is a UK-based company founded in earlier 2009 by Hector
. Hector is a serial entrepreneur and an avid spiritual practitioner,
whose training includes more than two years of intensive Zen practice in
Southern California.

Stillness Buddy was born out of Hector’s desire to bring stillness and
peace to the workplace. For additional details and to arrange reader
discounts/giveaways, please contact: http://www.stillnessbuddy.com

SOURCE MindFree Ventures

Source: newswire

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