December 4, 2009

Google Launches Translated Search

Internet giant Google on Thursday announced the launch of a new tool designed to translate search queries in order to help users find information from sites written in other languages.

Google's new translated search tool will allow users to choose the "Translated Search" option to search the Web in another language.

"We'll algorithmically select the best language(s) to translate your search query into and then return you translated results from those pages," Google's Maureen Heymans, Technical Lead and Product Manager Jeff Chin wrote on the company's official blog. "We'll even display results from multiple languages."

"Of course, the algorithm that determines which languages to translate your search query into isn't perfect, but we're working to improve it."

Google said it has offered the Google Translate service for some time, but it just recently decided to integrate it into its primary search engine.

The tool supports Web pages written in any of 51 languages and can display as many as five languages at one time.


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