December 7, 2009

China’s Porn Crackdown Seems To Encourage More Porn

Chinese authorities are paying up to $1,465 dollars to Internet users who send in information on websites that contain pornography.

The moral dilemma of the situation is that the censors' newest campaign against matter that disrupts morals seems to have caused a lot of Internet users to seek even more porn.

In the 24 hours after the initiative was announced, a hotline established by the Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center had 500 phone calls and 13,000 online tips sent in, Xinhua news announced.

This is not the fist time China has created an incentive for the closing down of pornographic sites.

Earlier in 2009, China warned that they would ban several websites, like Google and Baidu, saying that pornography is harmful to young adults and is ending up in search results.