Bay Area Startup Mobwa Launches a New Kind of Network

December 9, 2009

SAN RAMON, Calif., Dec. 9 /PRNewswire/ — The Web enables increasingly powerful networks. Today, Mobwa announces an everything network that connects everything. Mobwa serves the world’s first knowledge graph collaboratively organized along the principle of relevance, enabling a global knowledge community.

Knowledge Defined, Shared, and Cross-Linked in Seconds

Mobwa users can easily define subject matter of any type, such as Softball League, Hair Stylist, Politician, or Smart Phone. To these types, an unlimited number of examples can be added, from local to global, past to future, obscure to world-renowned. What was fragmented and out-of-reach becomes accessible and deeply interconnected.

As topics are added, Mobwa captures explicit and implicit relationships automatically. Relationships can be strengthened or weakened using slider controls, allowing effortless creation of structure on the fly. And since users are also topics, the graph includes a social network featuring both one and two-way connections as well as real-time activity streams.

Comparing Mobwa to other Knowledge Sources

Search engines are black boxes that emit unstructured results. Mobwa is an open framework where the most relevant topics, data, external links, and media are transparently organized, and can be added by anyone.

Encyclopedias are collections of articles. Without a scalable organizing framework, they are limited to noteworthy topics. Mobwa is infinitely scalable and, at the same time, highly navigable regardless of the focal topic.

Semantic networks are suited for static, objective data. When presented, they must be organized by assigned administrators or algorithms. With contextual relevance baked in, Mobwa is dynamically organized in the most useful way possible – one that conveys both objective and subjective content.

Whether you are searching for the most relevant information in real time, need to share navigable topics with the world, or just want to participate in the most advanced knowledge community on the Web, Mobwa offers a uniquely powerful medium.

About Mobwa

Mobwa was founded in April 2008 with one purpose: enabling the world to “know together.” To that end, we developed a revolutionary knowledge sharing platform. In the Sonjo language, mobwa means “open the mouth wide.” For more information, please visit http://www.mobwa.com/about.


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