December 9, 2009

Secret TSA Details Posted Online In Major Security Blunder

The TSA operating manual, published online last spring, explains in detail the X-ray machine settings and explosives detectors and various other screening specifics.

TSA officials interviewed by the Post newspaper established the security oversight, and former agency members said the blunder revealed publicly procedures put into place after the September 11 attacks.

"It increases the risk that terrorists will find a way through the defenses," said Stewart A. Baker, a former assistant secretary at the Department of Homeland Security, to The Post.

The 93-page file outlines pictures of credentials utilized by lawmakers, CIA workers and outlines when specific firearms are allowed through the checkpoint.

The manual was published online in an edited form but cut lines were easily identified, TSA officials were quoted as mentioning.

A DHS official noted that the erroneous posting is more a PR nightmare than a security hazard because TSA manuals are popular within the aviation society.

TSA officials told the Post that the agency was conducting an internal review of the case.

"TSA has many layers of security to keep the traveling public safe and to constantly adapt to evolving threats. TSA is confident that screening procedures currently in place remain strong," the agency announced in a statement.


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