TechRadium’s ‘IRIS’ Sends Immediate School Alerts as Escaped Prisoner Causes Lockdown in Texas

December 15, 2009

BAYTOWN, Texas, Dec. 15 /PRNewswire/ — TechRadium’s patented IRIS technology – Immediate Response Information System – has been used successfully by the Goose Creek Independent School District when an escaped convict caused the lockdown of four public schools.

Police in Baytown, near Houston, ordered the lockdown when a dangerous 49-year-old convict escaped while being transported to a state correctional facility. As the manhunt began, IRIS broadcast its first message to all faculty members informing them of the situation, then an update, and a final notice when the lockdown was lifted in the afternoon after the escapee was captured.

IRIS’s messages were used for four schools – Mirabeau B. Lamar Elementary, George Washington Carver Elementary, Robert E. Lee High School, and the Peter E. Hyland Learning Center. By sending messages electronically to multiple communications devices almost instantly, IRIS was successfully employed to notify all teachers and staff and keep them informed immediately about developments.

School officials said they were “highly pleased” with the performance of IRIS.

The Goose Creek school district has used IRIS extensively since 2005 for non-emergency notification such as automated attendance alerts and also for emergency messaging on hurricanes.

“Once again we are pleased that IRIS has been used so effectively to help inform and protect our school populations,” Ryan Rodkey, chairman and chief executive officer of TechRadium, Inc., said.

IRIS has been used by schools in Texas, Florida, California and many other states in situations involving police cases, wildfires and other events. In addition to schools and universities, the system is widely used by federal, state and local governments, businesses and non-profit entities, and other organizations.

About TechRadium:

TechRadium is a leading provider of high-speed communication services to educational institutions, corporations, non-profits and government entities worldwide. TechRadium gives organizations the ability to broadcast emergency and non-emergency information via voice and text to thousands of people simultaneously with its easy-to-use mass notification service, IRIS – Immediate Response Information System. Headquartered in Sugar Land, Texas, TechRadium is the owner of seven United States patents and has multiple patents pending. For more information, go to Techradium.com.

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