TNS Cymfony Uses Visual Mining’s NetCharts Pro for Dynamic Data Visualization Solution

December 15, 2009

ROCKVILLE, Md., Dec. 15 /PRNewswire/ — Visual Mining, a leader in dashboard and data visualization solutions that instantly transform data into actionable business information, today announced that TNS Cymfony, a marketing influence analytics company, has selected NetCharts Pro to power graphics for its flagship Orchestra product, which identifies the trends impacting a client’s business.

TNS Cymfony uses NetCharts Pro to develop its server-side web applications for Orchestra. The robust API provides data model interfaces, hundreds of precise setter/getter method calls and the ability to serialize or configure from a reusable text template. Graphs and charts can be simply produced in bitmapped or vector form with pop-up/drill-down features.

Prior to working with Visual Mining, Cymfony was unable to offer scalable and dynamic graphics to augment its reporting capabilities. Today, hundreds of customers use Orchestra to analyze data and gauge customer satisfaction, preferences and other critical information. In addition to providing the pertinent data, the graphics and charts come in a slick, attractive interface and are easy to use.

According to TNS Cymfony’s Dima Rogozin, Vice President of Engineering, the decision to deploy NetCharts Pro helped save the company both time and money. “Our clients depend on us to identify the people, issues and trends impacting their business. NetCharts Pro enables us to offer graphics that help to slice and dice vital data. It would have been too time-consuming and costly to build our own application so being able to use this off the shelf is a huge benefit.”

“Companies like TNS Cymfony thrive on creating value for their clients. We are pleased to offer them the best tool on the market for rapid development, integration and deployment of advanced data visualizations,” said Tristan Ziegler, CEO and President of Visual Mining. “NetCharts Pro provides our clients with a trouble-free solution that is unmatched in its ability to create customizable visualizations in popular web formats.”

About TNS Cymfony/

TNS Cymfony is a division of the TNS Media Group. Established in more than 30 countries, TNS Media explores all media — print, radio, TV, Internet, social media, cinema and outdoor worldwide, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and offers a full range of insights, analyses and audience measurement services. www.cymfony.com

About Visual Mining

Visual Mining provides visualization solutions that instantly transform data into actionable business information. Visual Mining’s NetCharts products deliver comprehensive solutions for both developers and end users that are intuitive and effective. Visual Mining’s support and professional services teams complement its products by providing the expertise to ensure success. Visual Mining: Visualize. Analyze. Capitalize. www.visualmining.com

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