Gekko.com Gives Spot on Hotel Recommendations in Two Clicks

December 16, 2009

LONDON, December 16 /PRNewswire/ –

– New Address Book Feature Makes it Easy to Share Personal
Recommendations With Friends

Gekko (http://www.gekko.com), a new concept in hotel search, has today
unveiled a brand new version of its website (http://www.gekko.com) which
finds places that match a user’s taste.

According to research from the Halifax, around 2.5 million Brits are
planning to flee the country this Christmas but finding the right place to
stay is never easy. A report published earlier this year by market research
experts Forrester showed that only one in three online bookers are satisfied
with the way travel websites present travel choices. The new Gekko.com takes
the pain out of finding the right hotel at the best price by instantly giving
users recommendations that are spot on.

Users enter a favourite hotel and Gekko shows them similar hotels in the
world’s top destinations. They can then book their chosen hotel in complete
confidence that they will love their stay there. All hotels on Gekko can be
booked at the guaranteed best price.

Michel Cassius, Gekko’s CEO, said: “Gekko is all about places. Our aim is
for users to stop searching and start finding their kind of place. We are
helping users find the right hotel for them with our Gekko recommendation
engine which is fuelled by the tastes of like-minded people.”

“There is a huge hole in the market for a site that gives people complete
confidence in their hotel booking. Through innovative tools like our new
personal Address Book feature, Gekko.com gives travellers the ability to
discover great hotels and be sure that they have made the right decision,” he

    Gekko.com Features

    The new Gekko.com includes these features:

    - Place Matching - Gekko has matched thousands of hotels in the world's
      top cities so users can find hotels similar to ones they already know
      and love.
    - Compare and share - Users can create a shortlist of hotels to compare
      and share with fellow travellers.
    - Address Book - A place to save favourite places and share them. Users
      can find all the hotels that friends and contacts personally recommend
      by following them on Gekko.
    - Best price guarantee - Users can book their chosen hotel at the best
      price, guaranteed by Gekko's relationship with its booking partners.

    For more information, please visit http://www.gekko.com.
    About Gekko
    Designed by a team of travel enthusiasts, Gekko is all about places.

Find the right place and book in complete confidence, knowing you have
made the right decision. Spot on.

    Gekko.com lets users:

    - Discover hotels similar to ones they love in two clicks.
    - Book hotels at the best price guaranteed.
    - Create a personal Address Book - a place to save favourite places and
      share them. Users can find all the hotels that friends and contacts
      personally recommend by following them on Gekko.

Based in London, Gekko was founded in 2008 by Dino Van Es, a successful
entrepreneur who also started Zecco, a popular online share trading community
in the US. The company has a strong management team and is backed by a group
of private investors.

Lisa Devaney, +44-207-193-4456.

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