December 17, 2009

Military Contractor Developing Tools For iPhone

US defense contractor Raytheon released on Wednesday the first of their applications that will convert the iPhone into a battlefield tool.

One Force Tracker (OFT) software uses features that are already a part of the touch-screen phone and allows soldiers to find the locations of allies and rivals.

"We have developed a situational awareness application based on military messaging standards that provide multimedia access, audio and textual point of interest, free text messaging, collaborative planning, spot reports and emergency call for fire," Tushar Patel, head of Advanced Programs and Technology at Raytheon's Network Centric Systems, said to AFP.

"Raytheon is a leader in secured wireless networking. Combining that with Apple's expertise allows us to provide rapid, low-risk and affordable interoperable system solutions."

OFT uses the phone's capability including global location, Internet, and accelerometers reacted to physical positioning.

The software might also be utilized by medical practitioners, firefighters and other emergency employees answering to adversity, says the defense contractor.

Military and civilian corporations want to be able to use these innovations as quickly as possible, says Raytheon, who is collaborating with Apple on the military project.

"We are committed to providing innovative technology solutions for warfighters and all of our customers," said Jay Smart, head of Raytheon's intelligence and information systems business.

"Raytheon's experience with mobile communications in the tactical environment and the government customers' need for low-power, simple plug-and-play applications led to the development of a real-time situational awareness application using Apple's touch technologies."


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