December 18, 2009

Company Files Suit Against Microsoft Over “˜Bing’ Name

A small U.S. technology company is filing a lawsuit against Microsoft over the name "Bing," AFP reported.

The company, called Bing! Information Design (BID), filed suit in a circuit court in the state of Missouri accusing Microsoft of trademark infringement, unfair competition, and "tortious interference with business expectancy."

Attorney Anthony Simon said on Thursday that for nearly ten years the company he represents has owned the name Bing!

He claims that Microsoft's use of the identical mark and its aggressive advertising has ruined the small company's efforts to distinguish its business due to the name-recognition confusion.

Microsoft spokesman Kevin Kutz told AFP on Thursday that Microsoft had not been served with a complaint, but is aware of the suit based on media reports.

"We believe this suit to be without merit and we do not believe there is any confusion in the marketplace with regard to the complainant's offerings and Microsoft's Bing," he added.

Kutz said Microsoft plans to defend its position in court.

Simon explained that BID creates interactive illustrations, designs, graphics, animations, and technical diagrams, many of which are featured on sports stories and quizzes localized for St. Louis -"“ where the company is based.

As a direct challenge to Internet powerhouse Google, Microsoft rolled out its new Bing search engine all over the world in June 2009.

In July, Microsoft entered into a 10-year Web search and advertising partnership with Yahoo that would see the two dually competing against Google.

Microsoft has also begun integrating messages from hot micro-blogging service Twitter into Bing and plans to do the same with status updates from Facebook and other popular social networking services.


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