December 22, 2009

Late Nook Means $100 Gift Certificate

Barnes & Noble is giving $100 gift certificates to Nook e-reader buyers who placed orders for the devices to be delivered before Christmas and now won't receive them until after the holidays.

The company said they hoped that most of the preorders from November would arrive by Dec. 24, but some won't be delivered in time.

"We are working very hard to keep up with the demand and to get all Nook orders out the door and to customers on or before December 24," a Barnes & Noble spokeswoman said.

Customers who don't receive their Nook in time, should get a $100 gift certificate along with the late delivery of the e-reader.

Affected customers have already been notified.

The bookseller has said that orders placed after November 20 would not be filled until January.

Unveiled in late October, the Barnes & Noble Nook has seen several delays and is already out of stock across the country. The $259 e-book reader is the main competitor to Amazon's Kindle device, and it has received mixed reviews due to several software slowdowns.


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