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December 22, 2009

STOCKHOLM, December 22 /PRNewswire/ — Today World-renowned digital
agency Great Works together with development house Geekboys announced the
public release of Collected.info – an Internet service found at
http://www.collected.info – enabling users to collect all their feeds of
interest, in one place. The service makes it easy for users to collect
themselves, their interests or to discover their friend’s and other users’
interests. The service collects any blog, Youtube, Flickr, Twitter, podcast
or other RSS feed.

Today, almost everything on the Internet produces constant streams of
content. News websites, corporate websites, personal blogs, YouTube, Flickr,
Twitter, podcasts and such. The new Swedish startup web service
Collected.info help people navigate the streams by letting them gather the
feeds in to collections where they can get an easy overview, share them with
friends or even export the newly generated feed.

“We were thinking about the fact that the web is becoming more ‘live’ – a
lot of stuff happening at a lot of places at the same time. It’s hard to keep
track of it all. We also thought about all the digital droppings your social
media sites produces. And when trying to come up with something to handle
these things, we came up with Collected.info,” says David Sundin, one of the

With Collected.info people can create collections around their interests
(i.e. mac.collected.info) or explore friend’s or other users collections
around the interest. The service also lets people gather all their online
footprints in one place by easily collecting their feeds from their blog,
YouTube, Twitter, Flickr (i.e. davidsundin.collected.info). Another way to
use Collected.info is for users to collect their friends, colleagues or
classmates (i.e. tedsfriends.collected.info).

“I have always looked at new ways to aggregate content since I first
launched GeekBoys.org back in 1999. Over the last decade RSS feeds have
evolved dramatically. Earlier this year I talked to David and Ted who had a
different approach to how we could present aggregated data and a few months
later Collected was born,” says Andreas Thorstensson, developer.

Collected.info is also great for for companies or organizations that
wants to gather their feeds in to one place giving their audiences an overall
look of the company’s or organization’s activities. Companies can also use
the tool internally for gathering what people are saying about them, their
products or their field in social media by combining blog searches, Twitter
searches and more.

The service can also be used as a social RSS reader with built in
filtering and discovery features.

Collected.info was founded by serial entrepreneurs David Sundin, Ted
and Andreas Thorstensson together with top-ranked digital agency
Great Works.

Well known early adopters:

Amongst the first beta testers of Collected.info we find these three
luminaries, who all found different ways to use the service:

TEDster architect, Magnus Larsson – architecture.collected.info

London-based architect Magnus Larsson, most known for giving a TED Talk
on his award-winning Dune scheme at this summer’s TED conference in Oxford,
, as well as presenting at several Pecha Kucha events, made a collection of
architecture blogs at architecture.collected.info. Larsson comments:
“Collected.Info allows me to keep track of all the feeds I need to stay
updated on a wide range of topics, from websites dedicated to scripted
architecture through to the latest technology blogs. I look forward to seeing
the Collected community grow into a micro universe of amateur cartographers
busying themselves with mapping unchartered territories and presenting them
as subscription shortcuts to the wonders and marvels of the Internet.” He
adds: “I begin and end my day with Collected.info.”

Hollywood actor and TV host, Ashton Kutcher – nfltweets.collected.info

Hollywood actor and TV host Ashton Kutcher spent some time collecting all
the NFL players on Twitter in to the collection nfltweets.collected.info. He
has also made a collection with some favorite feeds such as his and his wife

Demi Moore’s Twitter feed. Kutcher then used the built in Twitter
functionality to tell all his over 4,000,000 followers about the stuff he did
using the new service.

Founder of the Favourite Website Awards, Rob Ford – fwa.collected.info

Rob Ford is the founder of the digital advertising award Favourite
Website Awards, one of the 70 most bookmarked sites on the web (according to
delicious). The FWA Network have collected all past winners twitter feeds at
fwa.collected.info. “For quite some time we at FWA have been wanting to
somehow aggregate some of our top winner’s twitter feeds. Someone showed me
Collected and it was an immediate bullseye! Within minutes I had set up a
feed with over 70 of our winner’s twitter streams. We are even considering
using the RSS from our list on Collected as the news feed on our upcoming new
site. It’s a very simple yet clever idea and one that has been needed for a
long time!” says Rob Ford.

Featured collections:

Featured examples on how to use Collected.info:

gadgets.collected.info – All influential gadget and tech blogs combined.

internettech.collected.info – All the Internet and technology news you

bacon.collected.info – All the latest news and events happening around
thin slices of pig.

comedians.collected.info – All the most popular comedians blogs and
Twitter feeds in one place.

mynewcar.collected.info – People who just bought a new car and show it
off with a picture on Twitter.

obama.collected.info – Everything Obama!

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