December 23, 2009

Blackberry Users Suffer Through Another Outage

Some North American users of the BlackBerry e-mail service had their service restored Wednesday morning after a second outage struck the system in less than a week, according to the Associated Press.

According to Research In Motion Ltd., the root cause of the problem is currently under investigation. Initial analysis revealed a flaw in two recent releases of its BlackBerry instant messaging software.

The company provided a new updated version of BlackBerry Messenger and is encouraging those who downloaded any updates since December 14 to upgrade to the latest version (, which will resolve the issue.

RIM said that late Tuesday technicians were working diligently to resolve any e-mail messaging delays on its BlackBerry smart phones in both North and South America. By Wednesday morning many BlackBerry users posted messages on Twitter reporting that their service was back to normal.

During Tuesday's outage, BlackBerry users were unable to send or receive e-mail messages. There was some instances of people not being able to connect to the Internet as well. The Ontario, Canada based company apologized for any inconvenience experienced by its customers.

The BlackBerry service first went out last Thursday. RIM technicians had isolated and resolved that issue and were investigating the cause of the outages. There was no immediate information on how many customers were affected or how long the initial outage lasted.

The BlackBerry is facing increasing competition from other handheld wireless devices. Increasingly heavy data use including video downloads and utilizing powerful applications on their devices has led to dropped connections and longer waits for users trying to run their programs.


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