January 24, 2010

Google Wants Smartphone Game Makers On Its Side

Internet giant Google is cozying up to companies that make games people love to play on smartphones.

According to the AFP news agency, the online search company is teaming up with the professional Game Developers Conference (GDC) taking place in San Francisco this March and will offer Nexus One and Droid smartphones to those who register for the event ahead of time.

The conference will focus on games that are developed and/or customized especially for the mobile market. GDC organizers are hoping for attendees to become potential developers that can help bring new content to phones using the Android operating system.

At Apple's popular App Store for its iPhone and iPod Touch, game applications are big business, which is pushing all the right buttons for Google as it looks to market games for its Nexus One smartphone.

Google's new Android software has prompted more and more hardware device manufacturers and developers to build better smartphones and netbooks based on that technology.

With smartphones being among the most common and widely-used engines for gaming apps, the GDC is looking to help game developers who are experimenting with new and unusual gaming platforms.

are so appreciative that we can better reach those goals by actually putting a new opportunity -- Android-powered devices -- into the hands of our attendees," said Meggan Scavio, GDC event director.

Game developers who register for the conference by February 4 will get Nexus One or Motorola Droid smartphones to help them "catch the Android wave," according to GDC.


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