The Five Habits of Highly Successful Sleepers

January 28, 2010

WILSON, N.C., Jan. 28 /PRNewswire/ — Every year, like mystical words from the Dalai Lama, the latest best seller sweeps the globe, revealing how we can achieve our goals. Most contain great advice that’s possible to follow – if you’re sleeping well.

Essentially, it doesn’t matter what your goals are – to be the wealthiest entrepreneur, the neighborhood’s nicest mom, the most tweeted twitterer, or to challenge Apolo Ohno’s speed records – without proper rest you won’t claim the prize. According to a British Medical Journal study, sleep-deprived drivers are as risky as drunk drivers. Lack of sleep can delay healing and contribute to obesity, diabetes and multiple health issues.

My Ideal Pillow presents the five habits of highly successful sleepers.

1. Make sleep a priority. “Think of it as social networking with your body,” says Dr. Mark Hooper, founder of My Ideal Pillow, Wilson, N.C. “Every organ from your brain to your skin will thank you. A full eight hours of rest replenishes your energy and rejuvenates your entire body.”

2. Create the environment. Keep your bedroom exclusively for sleeping. “Shut off the computer and the TV for at least an hour before going to bed,” says Hooper. “Keep the room dark and find routines that help you relax before retiring.”

3. Take advantage of technology. While the bedroom might be the last place you would think of ergonomics, a proper bedding manufacturer would. My Ideal Pillow is the first company to utilize computer precision to design a pillow that conforms to your body shape, age, weight and sleep style. Hypoallergenic down and the finest-quality fibers and materials create the ultimate sleep experience.

4. Align your spine. Leading medical experts know that proper posture doesn’t end when we lay down our heads. Dr. Mark Hooper founded My Ideal Pillow to help solve problems he encountered among patients in his chiropractic practice. “The perfect pillow will provide support for your neck and head to keep the spine in proper alignment,” says Hooper.

5. Don’t take our word for it, check your sources. Reliable news outlets around the country are buzzing over My Ideal Pillow for a good night’s rest. This Wall Street Journal article is quoted as saying about its My Ideal Pillow test run, “Our test sleep was dreamy.” Isn’t that just as it should be?


About My Ideal Pillow

My Ideal Pillow broke new ground in the sleep industry as the world’s first company to create a pillow designed by a medical practitioner – a chiropractor and the company’s founder, Dr. Mark Hooper. It is also the first to use computer precision to customize density and support based on an individual’s sleep position and body type. In addition, My Ideal Pillow works with the nation’s premier bedding manufacturer for a product handcrafted in the United States out of the highest-quality fabrics, down and down alternative fills. Find out about our money-back guarantee at http://www.myidealpillow.com or call 1-888-676-4332.

Contacts: Dr. Mark Hooper, 1-888-676-4332, or Jeanne Turner, 1-847-202-0582, or turner7@comcast.net

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