Iraq’s National Fixed Wireless Voice and Data Provider Itisaluna Taps RoutoMessaging for Global SMS Coverage

February 2, 2010

LONDON, February 2 /PRNewswire/ –

– Agreement Enables Itisaluna’s Customers to Text and Interact With the
Rest of the World

RoutoMessaging (http://www.routomessaging.com/) today announced that
Iraq’s national fixed wireless voice and data provider, Itisaluna Abr Al
Iraq, has begun using its global SMS services enabling millions of
subscribers to send and receive texts to and from people anywhere in the

Itisaluna began operations in 2008 and has become Iraq’s premier fixed
wireless voice and data provider offering subscribers a gamut of attractive
products and services. Aside broadband and 3G coverage, the offered products
set include text messaging, SMS2TV enabling users to interact with their
favourite television programs, as well as Interactive Voice Response services
for viewers to participate in competitions.

But the cost of setting up a new telecommunications business is high and
entrants face a mountain of challenges to offer truly international services
as they extend their network coverage. Text messaging is one example and with
more than 700 operators in more than 200 countries (
http://www.routomessaging.com/sms/viewcoverage.pmx) now operating, Itisaluna
would have had to negotiate terms with each to provide 2-way text messaging.

Instead, Itisaluna therefore turned to RoutoMessaging for an instant
solution, tapping into its competitive termination rates with global mobile
operators. Now, with one price list and one connection, Itisaluna provides
customers with more competitive SMS rates and interactive world-wide outreach.

“Itisaluna aims to provide subscribers with the most compelling products
and services on its state-of-the-art network,” says Mr. Laoy Almalaeika, CEO
of Itisaluna. “Partnering with RoutoMessaging to provide customers with
world-wide text coverage at competitive rates positions Itisaluna ahead of
its Iraqi rivals, and augments our drive to remain the premier service
provider in this country.”

“Over the years, RoutoMessaging has gained significant experience of
working with telecommunications companies in other emerging markets such as
China and India,” adds Matthew Chung, RoutoMessaging’s CEO. “All have found
that the adoption of our world-class SMS services takes the cost out of one
aspect of their start-up operations and speeds the international spread of
their networks.”

About RoutoMessaging

RoutoMessaging is an emerging leader in mobile messaging for wholesalers,
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continents. Since 2004, RoutoMessaging has been providing reliable SMS
delivery to mobile users on the networks of over 700 mobile operators in over
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